10 Prebiotic Foods

These ingredients must be present in your diet if you care about your microbiome.

10 Prebiotic Foods

These ingredients must be present in your diet if you care about your microbiome.
Prebiotic foods are food components that stimulate the beneficial micro flora growth in the intestines. They act as 'food' for the bacteria in your intestines.
Foods high in prebiotics:

  1. Inulin. Apart from the best prebiotics being one, is the chicory’s main function, which provides digestion by stimulating intestinal peristalsis and speeding up the defecation act. Inulin increases the calcium and magnesium absorption in the large intestine and lowers blood cholesterol levels. In a complex treatment with diet inulin helps reduce blood insulin. It is one of the main ingredients of TASLIM and is indispensable for people who take care of their intestines.
  2. Fruits. All fruits, not fruit juices, are rich in fibre. They act as an excellent nutrient medium for our microbiome and as a fibre option in our diet.
  3. Asparagus. Besides its prebiotic abilities, it also has anti-inflammatory properties.
  4. Garlic. this fragrant spice increases the number of beneficial bacteria in the intestines, fights harmful bacteria and stimulates immunity.
  5. Onion. It is able to strengthen intestinal microflora and stimulates the beneficial bacteria growth in the intestines.
  6. Topinambour. Due to its high fibre content, it helps to activate digestion. The fibre amount and its prebiotic properties do not decrease during heat treatment.
  7. Chickpeas. Aside from high fibre content, they are rich in iron and other vitamins.
  8. Red beans and soybeans. They are known for their high protein and potassium content, but are also rich in fibre and will be good for feeding your bacteria.
  9. Almonds. They are good for our microbiome, but have to be soaked in slightly acidic water (lemon juice) before eating them, at least for a couple of hours. This way they can be digested better and will benefit our body more.
  10. Flax and linseeds. A popular product, which in addition to the high fibre contains Omega 3 fats. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and a coating effect, which is important for people suffering from gastrointestinal diseases.
The insoluble fibre prebiotics described above pass through the gastrointestinal tract virtually unchanged, they form our faeces and take part in the toxin’s removal from our body.

If you care about your gastrointestinal tract health, do not ignore these foods’ importance in your diet and read about 5 Tips to Improve Bowel Function. If there are certain products you do not like, you can always replace them with blends ready-made versions with fibre, which has also prebiotic properties. Our product was created for this very purpose.

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